Embroidered garments are a beautiful way to display your logo or your message. With the use of the latest technology, embroidery is now a state-of-the-art process, taking a high resolution image and translating each pixel of that image onto thread. – this process is called Jacquard. The Jacquard is then stored into the memory of the machine so when you’re ready to place another order, we are ready for you.

What types of wear can we apply this process on? Just about everything you can think of – ball caps, shirts, jackets, totes, diaper bags, bowling bags, leather and so much more!

When considering embroidery for your piece, know there are two types to choose from – flat stitch and 3D. Flat is embroidery that is flat to the surface, while 3D is exactly what you think – it’s a raised stitch giving a 3D effect to the design and the garment.

Whichever you choose, the final result is a high quality design that can withstand whatever you put it through.

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