- When you need awesome custom clothing, personalized designs, and a professional finished product, Wagon Wheel Printing Co. is your first choice! We can handle orders of any size, whether you need hundreds of t-shirts for a school event or you just need one incredibly cool custom hoodie.
There are endless options and no minimum orders! So dream big and let us make it real!


- Wagon Wheel Printing makes it easy to create the perfect custom vinyl banner for your unique needs. We’ve seen it all, and we’re always ready for a new challenge — so send us your custom banner requirements and we’ll send you an awesome finished product!
Do you require custom sizing? No problem. Need reinforced mounting grommets pre-installed? Sure thing. Heavy-duty? Easy-peasy. Need it ASAP? We’re on it.


-With the right custom decals, you can put your message anywhere — and be sure it always looks great! Whether you need custom decals for your brand, your business, your products, or your vehicle, we can create amazing looking designs for quality custom decals that will stand the test of time.


- Custom stickers can be fun and functional! You can make funny custom bumper stickers for your friends! Or you can create retail product stickers that meet regulatory compliance standards. Buy individually or in bulk — great for spec projects! Whatever you need, Wagon Wheel Printing can help get the job done.


We can create cool custom hats with your favorite design, your favorite colors, and your favorite style.


A great team deserves great uniforms, and Wagon Wheel Printing can make it happen! Create custom uniforms and jerseys for any sport, including: softball, baseball, football, basketball, soccer, bowling, golf, and tennis. Whether you need four bowling shirts for your friends or 400 jerseys for a sports summer camp, Wagon Wheel Printing makes it fun and easy to create the perfect product.
Unsure about the details? Still in the imagination stage? Please don’t hesitate to contact us! We are always here to help make your dream a reality.


As the name implies, direct to garment uses ink to print directly onto the fabric or item of your choice. It goes straight into the fibers of the fabric, meaning you don’t feel the design or ink when you touch it.
Unsure about the details? Still in the imagination stage? Please don’t hesitate to contact us! We are always here to help make your dream a reality.
DTG pricing does not include garments (t-shirts, hoodies, tanks, etc.)
When printing on white/ light colored t-shirts/ garments quote will be as listed above. However, when printing on black/ dark colored garments, quote will be affected by different factors such as image size, placement, custom optimized printer settings, etc.
Please send us your final artwork (according to requirements found here), design(s), mock-ups and more to
Here at Wagon Wheel Printing we enjoy seeing and hearing about your ideas and concepts about your creations you would like printed and worn. Like a diagnostic through a phone call from an auto mechanic or a doctor, it’s very unlikely to receive an accurate estimate without certain visual inspection so please remember that our quotes are determined like any other custom product service, the more visuals and information the better!  Please feel free to contact us as we want to work with you to give you the best options for the best quality and affordable pricing.

White / Dark T-Shirt
$15 / $21
$12.50 / $17.50
$9 / $13.50
$8 / $11
$7.50 / $8.50
$7 / $8
$6.50 / $7.50
$6 / $6.50
Additional Fees
Second Location
Neck Tag
Oversized Shirts 2x–5x


Our service requires that you provide correctly sized and formatted artwork. We do not resize artwork to match mockups as part of our service. Below you will find information about the file format, resolution, size, and tips on how to prepare your artwork. Incorrectly formatted artwork may result in delays in order processing.
•    Saved at 300 dpi (recommended), 8 bit color, in RGB mode
•    They can't be saved in CYMK so there can be some color shifting when we convert them to CMYK before printing
•    No interfacing
•    The image must be sized in the desired print size
•    With transparent background
•    Saved at 300 dpi (recommended), in CMYK, 8-bit color
•    The image must be sized in the desired print size
•    Supplied as a single layer (merge all visible layers but do not flatten). If your layers are not merged, your image will be uploaded as only one layer and not the entire image
•    With transparent background
•    All text converted to outlines.iu
•    Document Raster Effects to 300 dpi (recommended)
•    The image must be sized in the desired print size
•    These formats may not work in all cases and should be avoided if possible
•    .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .tiff
•    Saved at 300 dpi (recommended)


Images found on the web and on websites are typically only 72 DPI resolution, and as such are unsuitable. These images are also normally smaller than the desired print size which will be distorted if resized. We recommended that if you want to look for Images on the web look for wallpaper type of images they are big in size, good in quality and they are saved in higher resolution too. If you have any additional question about the DTG artwork requirements send us a message to and we will be glad to assist you.
•    The image must be sized in the desired print size


Embroidered garments are a beautiful way to display your logo or your message. With the use of the latest technology, embroidery is now a state-of-the-art process, taking a high resolution image and translating each pixel of that image onto thread. – this process is called Jacquard. The Jacquard is then stored into the memory of the machine so when you’re ready to place another order, we are ready for you.
What types of wear can we apply this process on? Just about everything you can think of – ball caps, shirts, jackets, totes, diaper bags, bowling bags, leather and so much more!
When considering embroidery for your piece, know there are two types to choose from – flat stitch and 3D. Flat is embroidery that is flat to the surface, while 3D is exactly what you think – it’s a raised stitch giving a 3D effect to the design and the garment.
Whichever you choose, the final result is a high quality design that can withstand whatever you put it through.
Contact us today for a quote.


What Is Sublimation Printing? While the name might make the process seem complicated and technical, it’s actually quite simple to understand.
Sublimation definition: When a solid material turns into a gas without going through a liquid stage.
This means that the artwork is transferred to an object in a gas state by using a high temperature heat press during the dye sublimation printing process. It differs from traditional printing methods because it bypasses the liquid step. There are no inks drying to the printed object.
How It Works The image is first infused onto the source printing paper, leaving little mess and making the whole process quick and easy for dye sublimation printing. Heat is then utilized to transfer the image from the sublimation paper to an object.
Businesses and home designers use this style of printing when creating graphics on clothing, as well as signage, home decorations, company exhibits, and personal items such as coasters, coffee mugs, and keyrings.


Company Stores

Company stores are ideal for businesses who want to provide branded merchandise to their employees, large businesses with multiple branches under the same brand, or businesses who already have branded products in stock and need to move their inventory. Think of it as an e-commerce store for all your promotional needs!

With a company store, you can provide branded merchandise for employee onboarding, as well as add in products that can be used for rewards programs. For example, if your employees need new uniforms, they can log in to the private company store and order as many as they like. Your company store may also be accessible to the public.

Company stores are customizable and a convenient online experience that will set you apart from competitors. Plus, you can also reduce costs by setting up a specific budget or payment plan on your company store. Whether you order in bulk or ship to multiple locations, a company store provides a seamless order process that can’t be beat.

Ordering promotional products just got easier!

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